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Sivota is a scenic coastal village with rare natural beauty situated in Thesprotia, north of the Ionic Sea. It lies only 24 km south of Igoumenitsa, opposite Corfu.

Its natural beauties attract both Greek and foreign vacationers, showing a significant increase over recent years. Leafing through the pages of this guide and looking at the photographs that are included, you can admire the uniqueness of this region.


The village of Sivota received its name from the Naval Battle of Sivota (433 B.C.) between the
Corinthians and the Corfiotesduring the Peloponnesian War, as described by the ancient historian Thucydides (460 - 400 B.C.). According to Thucydides, the region - which was comprised of five islands and the opposite shores - was uninhabited.

Later mentions of Sivota stated that:

In 551 A.D. the region was destroyed by the Goths.

In 1294 A.D. the region reverted to the Epirus Archbishop.

In 1821 the islands were the base for Kyriakouli Mavromichali during the Greek Revolution.
The village was later called Volia and Mourtos and in 1950 it received its current name of Sivota.

Today Sivota, in accordance with the Law concerning the unification of communities (known as "Kapodistria") and together with Plataria, Faskomilia, Skorpiona, Argyrotopo and Polyneri, constitute the Municipality of Sivota, which is based in Plataria.

(Historical data: Grygorios Kalogeropoulos, Lecturer on History at the University of Sorbonne)

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